The nature of our funding means that it is essential that Product Action operates at full capacity (i.e. no vacancies) at all times.

This means that we have an ongoing waiting list of people interested in employment at Product Action.

Nature of Service Provided

The following services can be provided to all employees of Product Action Incorporated:

  •  Vocational skills training
  • Ongoing support with work tasks
  • Workplace conditions negotiation
  • Referral to other agencies or community facilities
  • Information provision

It is acknowledged that all employees will not require all services.  The provision of relevant services will be determined by mutual agreement.

Determination of Service Eligibility

Eligibility for employment at Product Action Incorporated is primarily determined by Centrelink and against the criteria set out in this policy document. Supported Employees must also:

  • Have a disability
  • Be aged over 16 years
  • Be keen to work
  • Be able to undertake manual tasks
  • Be able to work a minimum of 8 hours per week

When a potential supported employee presents for an interview with the Manager of Product Action Incorporated, the Manager will explain all of the above points and will tell the applicant at the interview if in fact they are eligible.  Product Action Incorporated identifies people with cultural backgrounds and will support individuals’ cultural needs.

Eligibility for the service does not guarantee a position at Product Action Incorporated.

To determine if a position is available at Product Action Incorporated, the Managing Director or Employee Project Coordinator will take into consideration such things as Support needs of the individual and those supported employees already working at Product Action Incorporated and suitability of the work.

If a potential supported employee meets all criteria, they will be offered to complete General Work Experience Application form or a “School to Work” Work Experience Application form. (Refer to forms register.) When appropriate, the potential employee can participate in a work experience placement. If successful, these forms are filed in the Product Action Inc waiting file. When a position becomes available, the potential employee is contacted by the Employee Project Coordinator. Other criteria that is considered before a potential employee commences work is:

  • Support needs
  • Capabilities (in relation to work available)
  • Relative need

If the potential employee is not suited to work at Product Action Inc, the Employee Project Coordinator will refer back to Centrelink and provide any available information regarding other possible options.

For more information about employment options, work experience, the waiting list, eligibility or our services please speak to Product Action’s Managing Director or Employee Project Coordinator.

To read information relating to the New National Standards for Disability Services please visit https://www.dss.gov.au/our-responsibilities/disability-and-carers/standards-and-quality-assurance/national-standards-for-disability-services