Making a difference

Product Action is an Australian Disability Enterprise employing people with intellectual disabilities in product packaging roles. We provide support, mentoring and training for our employees in order for them to actively participate in the workforce.

The business was formed in 1986 and while the service has changed to meet the increasingly complex demands of the industry, our mandate remains the same: to provide a quality service for people with disabilities.

Supported worker labelling products
Liquid filling is one of our packaging and assembly solutions
James Wood, Managing Director, Product Action
James Wood, Managing Director, Product Action

Product Action Mission Statement

To provide earning and lifelong learning opportunities for adults with an intellectual disability.

Product Action Values

A commitment to:

  • Equality
  • Opportunity
  • Community Culture
  • Dependability
  • Quality.

Product Action Vision

Our vision is to:

  • Be recognised as a best practice employer of people with intellectual disabilities
  • Be the “Go To Place of Choice” for people with an intellectual disability
  • Remain boutique and niche to provide Person-Centred services.


Meet our Managing Director, James Wood

Working in the disability sector since the early 1980s, James has spent over half of his career at Product Action. After so many years in the industry, James has gained priceless experience, giving him the knowledge to find the best solution to package your products.

A well regarded stalwart of the industry, James’ personable and relatable approach allows him to help many supported workers reach their full potential.